Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recommended Books and Sites for Someone Thinking of Transitioning.

Andrea James (Calpernia's friend in Transamerican Love Story) has her TS Roadmap Site [A fantastic and detailed site about transition.]

Deep Stealth Productions where Andrea and Calpernia have a series of helpful DVDs.

How To Change Your Sex: A Lighthearted Look at the Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do by Lannie Rose. She has a website and a podcast where she reads and discusses the book.

Wrapped In Blue: A Journey of Discovery by Donna Rose. [A great biography]

She's Not There : A Life in Two Genders by JENNIFER FINNEY BOYLAN [Another great biography]

True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals by Mildred L. Brown, Chloe Ann Rounsley [A book to show the family]

My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely by Kate Bornstein [I have an internet friend that says this book helped her decide to transition.]

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fly On Broken Wing

A memorial video of a live performance that was held at MCCLA in west Hollywood.

Nicki Backer is at 2:38 from the end.


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