Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Amanda Cozad's Tvals Portraits.

Amanda was going to be in our area and Jennifer asked for volunteers to be photographed. Here are the ones that were put on the web.

Daniel 1945 / Sara 2002


Andrew 1980 / Andrea 2005

Good job Amanda!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"I'm not a fucking drag queen"

I just love the lines:

When you say "Good day, sir"
You stab me all the way through
My tender, transgender heart.

Can't you just say "Yes dear"
And "she" and "her" and "sister"
To my tender, transgender heart

They just make me cry. Just way too true. It had to be written by someone that understands us.

I'm Not A Fucking Drag Queen

I'm not a fucking drag queen
I'm in another bracket
What you see before you
Is not some midnight racket
Nothing here is padded
I've paid a mighty fortune
A few things have been added
And one or two subtractions

I'm not a fucking drag queen
I won't let you forget it
When you say "Good day, sir"
You stab me all the way through
My tender, transgender heart

And if you happen to be gay
You could show a little heart and understanding
Instead of twittering and whispering and pointing Judas fingers
Like a bunch of cunning linguists at some gender crucifixion
And if you think I'm such a freak
There's no need to cut me down
And put me in my place
You just may want to look at your pants, oh so wet
And your knees like castonets are giving you away

I'm not a fucking drag queen
I don't wear foot-long lashes
Don't wear a pound of makeup
Or seventeen tiaras
I don't want your five dollars
Before this song is over
Don't want your "How's it going, man?"
Nononononono...Miss Squires will do nicely

'Cause I'm not a fucking drag queen
So please don't be so rude
I'll break your fucking legs, sir
And then I'll pirouette while
I mend my transgender heart
Can't you just say "Yes dear"
And "she" and "her" and "sister"
To my tender, transgender heart

Monday, July 23, 2007

Broadband Reports speed tests.

I did a speed test of my internet connections.

The first is on my iMac at home with my cable modum and a wireless router.

The second is with my old Compaq laptop hooked up to my Moto Q phone with a USB cable and the phone connecting to Verizon's wireless network.

The cable modem is 10.4 time faster on the download and 4.8 times faster on the upload. Quite a difference.

vice versa by Julia Serano

i almost forgot about her
buried alive in the back of my mind
at the time
i was a twenty-six year old closet case
self-described occasional crossdresser
and she was just like me
only vice versa

i met her in kansas city
at my first transgender support group meeting
the chairs were set up in a circle
and most of the seats were filled
with transvestites in their 40s and 50s
painstakingly dressed
wearing sunday's best
floral prints
and muted pinks
with just a hint of five o'clock shadow
looking strangely sweet
almost equal parts aunt and uncle
and she seemed so out of place there
the only one in t-shirt and jeans
and genetically speaking
she was the only girl in the room
and chronologically
we were the only two in our twenties

after the meetings minutes
and a guest speaker from mary kaye
offering make-up tips
she introduced herself to me
she told me her name was joan
i told her mine was tom
and after a bit of random chit chat
she asked if i wanted to hang out some time
and i said sure
and a week later we did

i drove to topeka where she lived
and i remember
the two of us sitting on her bed
listening to tom lehrer
on her portable cassette player
when i asked her what her deal was
she said she wasn’t sure what to call herself exactly
she was attracted to men
but when she masturbated
she imagined herself with a penis topping them
and i could tell she was embarrassed
until i told her
that i knew exactly what she meant
because i was just like her
only lesbian

so i told her
the first time i told anyone
about when i was in the seventh grade
and had the biggest crush on kathy patterson
and every pre-teen fantasy i had about her
began with me being turned into a girl somehow
and only afterwards
would we run away together

then joan told me
about her high school boyfriend
who told her he was gay
and she replied
that she wasn't surprised
and that she liked him that way

and we told our gender histories
like we were swapping war stories
experiences we couldn't share
with our families or friends
because they were never there
and they would never understand
but that night
sitting on joan's bed
for the first time in my life
i didn't feel
quite so much like an alien

and the last time i saw her
was a saturday evening we spent
watching a star trek next generation re-run
the episode where beverly crusher
falls in love with a trill
and we both sat still on her couch
next to one another
and when our bodies touched
we knew that it was the first human contact
that either of us had in a while
and at one point
i put my arm around her
and she leaned into me
and it felt like we were pretending
that i was the he
and she was the she

and for a moment
i thought one thing might lead to another
maybe we'd make out on her sofa
and wake up naked next to one another
and somehow it almost made sense
like we were each other's long lost complement
the way two odd numbers add up
to make an even
but the problem was
we weren't really a perfect match
we were more like exact replicas
the same only vice versa
and while there was definitely some mutual attraction
nothing ever happened
because after all
i wasn't a gay man
and she wasn't a lesbian

now it's eight years later
and i'm not in kansas anymore
i'm a woman living in oakland
and that bedroom in topeka
literally feels like a lifetime ago
and every now and again
when i find myself feeling alone
i think about joan
and i wonder how he's doing

Sorry Julia, I just had to borrow this to share. When I hit the end of this poem I cried like a baby.

I purchased your book last Thursday at Nashville's Outload Books & Gifts after I protested the presidents visit here, but I have not ready it yet, but I can hardly wait.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mirha-Soleil Ross & Mark Karbusicky

I just discovered this couple and they worked for animal rights and sex worker right. More to come. I am fascinated by them.

Update: 1/8/2014

Sadly the site is password only these days!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fwd: The Chute Complex, Nashville's oldest gay bar is closing.

I got this yesterday!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Timmy <>;
Date: Jul 20, 2007 12:08 PM
To: Vickie Davis <>,

well, its official...The Chute Complex, Nashville's oldest gay bar is closing. The last day is Fri. July 28th... Make sure you all come in this week for the closing party.

Avalonfarms goes to Protest the War and so did I

Beautifully done, Valerie!

I was just across the street and behind the motorcycle on the right in the video. We were at Armory Dr. & Sidco Dr., right across from some TV cameras that captured me below. Then many of us went to the hotel. After waiting in the hot sun for hours, he slipped out the other way.

These are taken from a movie that was on channel 5.
I am on the left and the woman on the right later gave me the sign to take to the hotel protest.

My pictures take at the protest

Mamas for Piece.

The motorcade.

She loves her job.

Podcaster and blogger Valerie Reynolds.

At the hotel entrance, waiting for the president to leave.

He held his flag high for over 2 hours.

The press.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Transpeople Who Need People

Transpeople Who Need People

Posted by PJ Tobia
(06.29.07, 9:22 AM)

DOSBLOGPIC (45k image)

A few hours after this week's Scene hit newsstands, I received a letter from the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (posted in its entirety after the jump) regarding our cover story. The story is about El Dos de Oros, a South Nashville bar that caters to immigrant laborers and attracts women and transvestites who are paid for their companionship. The letter takes us to task for the use of the term "transvestite," saying that the word "is a perjorative [sic] term and is considered insulting."

They preferred that we use the term "cross dresser." At least one gender studies expert says that either term could apply to men who dress as women (or vice versa) and that the label "transvestite" is not an insult, per se.

The second part of the letter finds fault with the use of the pronouns "he" and "him" when we refer to Gracia and Ashley. "The Transwomen described in the article should have been referred to as "She" in every single instance," says the TTPC, even though the "transpersons" in question referred to each other with male pronouns and often used the masculine forms of Spanish words when talking about themselves and their friends.

It seems that this is an unsettled matter even among those who are experts in the field. We'd like to open the floor to you folks, and if there are any cross dresser/transvestite/transpeople out there, we'd especially like to hear your opinions.

What follows is the email (titled "Incorrect Use of Gender Terminology") that I recieved from the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition:

It was with interest that I read the story in the June 28 issue about El Dos de Oros. It was with great dismay that I saw the totally incorrect use of terminology regarding the transgender customers of the club.

First, the term "transvestite" is a perjorative term and is considered insulting. If a male-to-female transgender person lives in their birth gender, then the proper term is Crossdresser.

Second, regardless of whether or not a transgender person has transitioned, that person should always be addressed by the gender pronoun appropriate to their gender presentation. The Transwomen described in the article should have been referred to as "She" in every single instance.

If Gracia and Ashley, and any other transgender patrons of the club, live full time as women, then they are women, not boys. And if they do not live full time as women, then they can be described as crossdressers. Either way, they should still have been described with female pronouns in every single reference.

We hope that you will attend our event tomorrow evening at Watkins College (listed on Page 34) to meet members of Nashville's Transgender community and to learn more about how we should be described and addressed.

Marisa Richmond, Ph.D.
Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition

Comments on "Transpeople Who Need People" (3)

If the subjects refer to themselves and each other with masculine pronouns, that should take precedent over whatever terminology is currently PC. They're people first and members of an identity politic second. If they'd wanted to be called "she," I have no doubt they'd have let you know.

Comment by mr. pink (06.29.2007, 10:11 AM)

Dear Ms(?) Richmond,
As someone who respects others' rights to exist and follow whatever path he/she(?) wishes to take, I submit to you that those of us who live boring straight old ordinary lives loving, nurturing, caring for and making sweet sweet love to a member of

Comment by tacostand (06.29.2007, 10:16 AM)

I'm transgendered myself. I'm also aware of, and respect, Dr. Richmond.

However, transvestite and crossdresser are exact synonyms--differing only in that one is formed from a latin root, and the other anglo-saxon. Transvestite isn't insulting, it merely sound more clinical to an English speaker. It's precise medical latin, but is no more insult than "vagina." "Crossdresser" merely sounds more casual to casual English-speaking crossdressers, so they prefer it.

Point #1: I doubt the latina subjects of your story would make this distinction because "transvestia" is simply the word for "crossdresser" in their latinate language. There is NO problem here other than that the TTPG (doubtless) consists of relatively priveledged Anglos who are imposing that bias on the discussion.

Point #2: He/She. Personally if I were at this club I would refer to anyone presenting female as she. But that is merely respect and civility in interpersonal interaction. If I was a journalist in the same situation, I would no more speak of a crossdresser out for a night's fun as "she" anymore than I'd refer to someone who enjoyed going out in a police uniform as "officer"!

Point #3: It appears that some or most of the subjects were in fact transsexual and should be referred to as "she" (this is standard journalistic practice these days, and you must have a style-book laying about your office somewhere). But, I veeeeery much understand that making that distinction perfectly requires more intrusive investigation of interviewees personal circumstance than is possible. Innocent mistakes will inevitably be made. Bummer, but shrug!

In short: The transsexual/transvestite distinction should be made by journalists--wherever possible. I'm in agreement with Dr. Richmond on that. Unfortunately she's flying her flag on the distinction between crossdresser/transvestite. That's an issue. But totally for those who personally or professionally deal with these issues. Outsiders are completely exempt from blame for not being 100% aware of this tempest in a teapot

Comment by Marisa (07.02.2007, 04:49 PM)

Rodney Carrington Sings

I just don't know what to say, but these are funny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Television Commercial From Argentina

(Special thanks to Curtis for passing this along, and for the following translation and explanation … )

The dialogue goes like this:

“Hello, Mr. Louis.”

“Hi…I have a question. When you applied to get the loan to open
this beauty salon, did you have to show an ID?”

“…yeah…. “

“and on your ID, it says that you’re really a male, doesn’t it?”


“and they still gave you the loan?”


“well…they are the same bank that just gave me a loan to save my
farm. and…it just made me think, you know? and i came here…to
apologize for treating you poorly all these years. for not knowing
how to treat you.”

The old farmer gives the transgender woman a little wooden carving that
he made of a ballerina, and says he’s sorry, and goes back to his car.
The wife waves from the car; the beauty shop owner clutches her
ballerina, and the car drives off.

They would never have such a ad in this country. Sad to say.

Thank you Stephanie Kay and Autumn Sandeen. It made me cry!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Linda Bedore and Jimmy

This is the fantastic lady and her dog that I stayed with in Phoenix! I had such a great time. I hope I can do it again sometime soon. Thanks so much Linda.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The number of people with my name.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

A lot fewer with my boy name.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

In Memory of Rita

Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie's tribute to Rita Hester. I do not know what took me so long to post this. Especially since I suggested that you do do it. LOL Sorry Nancy.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hey Blogger-To-Post (Blogger-To-Post) ;)


( requested this email be sent to you.
If you never want to see another email like this again, visit the link:

I think I messed up! I was at my Hot or Not page and was looking with a tool they had to find folks on my Gmail contact list, of folks that also had Hot or Not pages. Then by mistake I sent everyone on that list a link to my page. One even go posted here.

Oops big time! Sorry all.

M2F SRS Surgery Video

M2F SRS Surgery Video

User avatar
by Site Admin
Published on Sun May 06, 2007 6:55 pm

I always thought the Etransgender Sex Change video was graphic enough. This one however which is on youtube almost seems barbaric by today's standards. This video took place in 1974 according to the website, and involved a strikingly similar looking doctor to today's Thailand's SRS team. Disclaimer: NSFW, and not for pregnant transsexuals on a roller coaster.

Here is a thread at on this video. They had lots of opinions.

My new acrylic nails, french tips this time!

I went out and had my nails redone. I tried to do a refill my self.
What a mistake.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Susan Stanton up close

Originally uploaded by Renae Lupini


NCTE Reception 2007

Originally uploaded by Renae Lupini

Who are this gorgeous women? They make my feeble attempt at womanhood seem a bit under done. Maybe it is time to see Dr. Z or Dr. O!

The pictures were taken by Renae Lupini, and they are just wonderful pictures from that day in Washington.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

20/20 "My Secret Self"

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This is the first part of a recently aired ABC episode of 20/20. It features Barbara Walters as she interviews the families of young transgender children. It is amazingly unbiased, sensitive, and well done. Have your kleenex handy....
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Part 3 of 5
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Or download the whole video:

Transgender Leadership Summit, Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keynote Plenary: Transgender Rights, Transgender Lives Tapper Hall of ... all » Humanities, University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA All available data demonstrates that when people know more about transgender people they are more likely to support anti-discriminatory policies and laws. How do we effectively talk about our lives and the lives of people in our families?

Panelists will share lessons they've learned about what works and what doesn't work in talking to people about the lives and needs of the transgender community.


Mike/Michelle Dennis, GenderQueer Revolution

Jamison Green, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Sylvia Guerrero, Gwen Araujo Memorial Fund for Transgender Education

Caitriona Reed, Manzanita Village

Alexis Rivera, Transgender Law Center

Moderator: riKu Matsuda, Pacifica Radio Contact Information: Transgender Law Center 870 Market Street Room 823 San Francisco , CA 94102

(415) 865-0135


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