Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Transgender Wellness Benefits

I found a reference to this information on Donna Rose's Blog.

Oh my god! It says I am covered. I had heard that it was but had never seen it in print. Do I have the nerve to get it all done? I guess I am using 3 of those 5, already. It does not mention SRS/GRS, but I had heard it did.

The following 78 employers rated in the 2008 Corporate Equality Index indicated “Benefit offered, transgender treatment covered,” meaning treatment is not excluded for medically necessary treatment related to gender dysphoria or gender reassignment for each of the five categories of treatment.

  1. Counseling by a mental health professional (e.g.: gender dysphoria diagnosis)
  2. Pharmacy benefits (e.g.: hormone therapy)
  3. Medical visits (e.g.: to monitor the effects of hormone therapy and associated lab procedures)
  4. Medically necessary surgical procedures (e.g.: hysterectomy, as part of gender-reassignment)
  5. Short-term leave for surgical procedures
• AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah
• Adobe Systems Inc.
• Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
• Alcatel-Lucent
• American Express Co.
• Ameriprise Financial Inc.
• AmTrust Bank
• AT&T Inc.
• Avaya Inc.
• Avon Products Inc.
• Bank of America Corp.
• Brinker International Inc.
• Campbell Soup Co.
• Chrysler LLC
• CIGNA Corp.
• Countrywide Financial Corp.
• Dean Foods Co.
• Deloitte & Touche USA LLP
• Delta Air Lines Inc.
• Deutsche Bank
• DuPont (E.I. du Pont de Nemours)
• Eastman Kodak Co.
• Enterprise Rent-A-Car Co.
• Ernst & Young LLP
• Exelon Corp.
• Faegre & Benson
• Foley & Lardner LLP
• Genentech Inc.
General Motors Corp.
• Goldman Sachs Group Inc., The
• Gordon & Rees
• Guidant Corp.
• Hallmark Cards Inc.
• HSBC North America Holdings Inc.
• Imation Corp.
• International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)
• John Hancock Financial Services Inc.
• Johnson & Johnson
• Katten Muchin Zavis
• Keyspan Corp
• Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group Inc.
• Kirkland & Ellis
• Kraft Foods Inc.
• Land O'Lakes
• LaSalle Bank Corp.
• Latham & Watkins LLP
• Lehman Brothers Holdings
• Lexmark International Inc.
• Marriott International Inc.
• McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., The
• Medtronic Inc.
• Microsoft Corp.
• Morrison & Foerster LLP
• Nokia
• Northern Trust Corp.
• PG&E Corp.
• Pitney Bowes Inc.
• Progressive Corp., The
• Proskauer Rose LLP
• Recreational Equipment Inc.
• Replacements Ltd.
• Rite Aid Corp.
• Schering-Plough Corp.
• Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal
• Sprint Nextel Corp
• Starcom MediaVest Group
• Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
• State Farm Group
• Steptoe & Johnson
• Visteon Corp.
• Wachovia Corp.
• Walt Disney Co.
• Whirlpool Corp.
• Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon
• Williams Companies Inc.
• Wyndham Worldwide Corp.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 237 reasons to have sex

I heard about this on Oprah.

List of 237 reasons that motivate people to have sex

1. I was "in the heat of the moment."
2. It just happened.
3. I was bored.
4. It just seemed like "the thing to do."
5. Someone dared me.
6. I desired emotional closeness (i.e., intimacy).
7. I wanted to feel closer to God.
8. I wanted to gain acceptance from friends.
9. It's exciting, adventurous.
10. I wanted to make up after a fight.
11. I wanted to get rid of aggression.
12. I was under the influence of drugs.
13. I wanted to try to get a better mate than my current mate.
14. I wanted to express my love for the person.
15. I wanted to experience the physical pleasure.
16. I wanted to show my affection to the person.
17. I felt like I owed it to the person.
18. I was attracted to the person.
19. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.
20. My friends were having sex and I wanted to fit in.
21. It feels good.
22. My partner kept insisting.
23. The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her.
24. I was physically forced to.
25. I was verbally coerced into it.
26. I wanted the person to love me.
27. I wanted to have a child.
28. I wanted to make someone else jealous.
29. I wanted to have more sex than my friends.
30. I was married and you're supposed to.
31. I was tired of being a virgin.
32. I was "horny."
33. I wanted to feel loved.
34. I was feeling lonely.
35. Everyone else was having sex.
36. I wanted the attention.
37. It was easier to "go all the way" than to stop.
38. I wanted to ensure the relationship was "committed."
39. I was competing with someone else to "get the person."
40. I wanted to "gain control" of the person.
41. I was curious about what the person was like in bed.
42. I was curious about sex.
43. I wanted to feel attractive.
44. I wanted to please my partner.
45. I wanted to display submission.
46. I wanted to release anxiety/stress
47. I didn't know how to say "no."
48. I felt like it was my duty.
49. I wanted to end the relationship.
50. My friends pressured me into it.
51. I wanted the adventure/excitement.
52. I wanted the experience.
53. I felt obligated to.
54. It's fun.
55. I wanted to get even with someone (i.e., revenge).
56. I wanted to be popular.
57. It would get me gifts.
58. I wanted to act out a fantasy.
59. I hadn't had sex for a while.
60. The person was "available."
61. I didn't want to "lose" the person.
62. I thought it would help "trap" a new partner.
63. I wanted to capture someone else's mate.
64. I felt sorry for the person.
65. I wanted to feel powerful.
66. I wanted to "possess" the person.
67. I wanted to release tension.
68. I wanted to feel good about myself.
69. I was slumming.
70. I felt rebellious.
71. I wanted to intensify my relationship.
72. It seemed like the natural next step in my relationship.
73. I wanted to be nice.
74. I wanted to feel connected to the person.
75. I wanted to feel young.
76. I wanted to manipulate him/her into doing something for me.
77. I wanted him/her to stop bugging me about sex.
78. I wanted to hurt/humiliate the person.
79. I wanted the person to feel good about himself/herself.
80. I didn't want to disappoint the person.
81. I was trying to "get over" an earlier person/relationship.
82. I wanted to reaffirm my sexual orientation.
83. I wanted to try out new sexual techniques or positions.
84. I felt guilty.
85. My hormones were out of control.
86. It was the only way my partner would spend time with me.
87. It became a habit.
88. I wanted to keep my partner happy.
89. I had no self-control.
90. I wanted to communicate at a "deeper" level.
91. I was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn't have sex with him/her.
92. I was curious about my sexual abilities.
93. I wanted a "spiritual" experience.
94. It was just part of the relationship "routine."
95. I wanted to lose my inhibitions.
96. I got "carried away."
97. I needed another "notch on my belt."
98. The person demanded that I have sex with him/her.
99. The opportunity presented itself.
100. I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex while stoned (e.g., on marijuana or some other drug).
101. It's considered "taboo" by society.
102. I wanted to increase the number of sex partners I had experienced.
103. The person was too "hot" (sexy) to resist.
104. I thought it would relax me.
105. I thought it would make me feel healthy.
106. I wanted to experiment with new experiences.
107. I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with another person.
108. I thought it would help me to fall asleep.
109. I could brag to other people about my sexual experience.
110. It would allow me to "get sex out of my system" so that I could focus on other things.
111. I wanted to decrease my partner's desire to have sex with someone else.
112. It would damage my reputation if I said "no."
113. The other person was too physically attractive to resist.
114. I wanted to celebrate something.
115. I was seduced.
116. I wanted to make the person feel better about herself/himself.
117. I wanted to increase the emotional bond by having sex.
118. I wanted to see whether sex with a different partner would feel different or better.
119. I was mad at my partner, so I had sex with someone else.
120. I wanted to fulfill a previous promise to my partner.
121. It was expected of me.
122. I wanted to keep my partner from straying.
123. I wanted the pure pleasure.
124. I wanted to dominate the other person.
125. I wanted to make a conquest.
126. I'm addicted to sex.
127. It was a favor to someone.
128. I wanted to be used or degraded.
129. Someone offered me money to do it.
130. I was drunk.
131. It seemed like good exercise.
132. I was pressured into doing it.
133. The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.
134. I was frustrated and needed relief.
135. It was a romantic setting.
136. I felt insecure.
137. My regular partner is boring, so I had sex with someone else.
138. I was on the "rebound" from another relationship.
139. I wanted to boost my self-esteem
140. I wanted to get my partner to stay with me.
141. Because of a bet.
142. It was a special occasion.
143. It was the next step in the relationship.
144. I wanted to get a special favor from someone.
145. I wanted to get back at my partner for having cheated on me.
146. I wanted to enhance my reputation.
147. I wanted to keep warm.
148. I wanted to punish myself.
149. I wanted to break up a rival's relationship by having sex with his/her partner.
150. I wanted to stop my partners' nagging.
151. I wanted to achieve an orgasm.
152. I wanted to brag to friends about my conquests.
153. I wanted to improve my sexual skills.
154. I wanted to get a job.
155. I wanted to get a raise.
156. I wanted to get a promotion.
157. I wanted to satisfy a compulsion.
158. I wanted to make money.
159. I wanted to keep my partner satisfied.
160. I wanted to change the topic of conversation.
161. I wanted to get out of doing something.
162. I wanted to test my compatibility with a new partner.
163. I wanted to get a partner to express love.
164. I wanted to put passion back into my relationship.
165. I wanted to prevent a breakup.
166. I wanted to become one with another person.
167. I wanted to get a favor from someone.
168. I wanted to breakup my relationship.
169. I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease (e.g., herpes, AIDS).
170. I wanted to breakup another's relationship.
171. I wanted to avoid hurting someone's feelings.
172. I wanted to make myself feel better about myself.
173. I wanted to get rid of a headache.
174. I was afraid to say "no" due to the possibility of physical harm.
175. I wanted to keep my partner from straying.
176. I wanted to burn calories.
177. I wanted to even the score with a cheating partner.
178. I wanted to hurt an enemy.
179. I wanted to feel older.
180. It is my genetic imperative.
181. It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.
182. I wanted to become more focused on work - sexual thoughts are distracting.
183. I wanted to say "I've missed you."
184. I wanted to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or special occasion.
185. I wanted to say "I'm sorry."
186. I wanted to return a favor.
187. I wanted to say "Thank You."
188. I wanted to welcome someone home.
189. I wanted to say "goodbye."
190. I wanted to defy my parents.
191. I wanted to relieve menstrual cramps.
192. I wanted to relieve "blue balls."
193. I wanted to get the most out of life.
194. I wanted to feel feminine.
195. I wanted to feel masculine.
196. I am a sex addict.
197. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.
198. I thought it would boost my social status.
199. The person had a lot of money.
200. The person's physical appearance turned me on.
201. The person was a good dancer.
202. Someone had told me that this person was good in bed.
203. The person had beautiful eyes.
204. The person made me feel sexy.
205. An erotic movie had turned me on.
206. The person had taken me out to an expensive dinner.
207. The person was a good kisser.
208. The person had bought me jewelry.
209. The person had a great sense of humor.
210. The person seemed self-confident.
211. The person really desired me.
212. The person was really desired by others.
213. I wanted to gain access to that person's friend.
214. I felt jealous.
215. The person flattered me.
216. I wanted to see if I could get the other person into bed.
217. The person had a desirable body.
218. I had not had sex in a long time.
219. The person smelled nice.
220. The person had an attractive face.
221. I saw the person naked and could not resist.
222. I was turned on by the sexual conversation.
223. The person was intelligent.
224. The person caressed me.
225. The person wore revealing clothes.
226. The person had too much to drink and I was able to take advantage of him/her.
227. I knew the person was usually "out of my league."
228. The person was mysterious.
229. I realized I was in love.
230. I wanted to forget about my problems.
231. I wanted to reproduce.
232. I/she was ovulating.
233. I wanted my partner to notice me.
234. I wanted to help my partner forget about his/her problems.
235. I wanted to lift my partner's spirits.
236. I wanted to submit to my partner.
237. I wanted to make my partner feel powerful.

University of Texas study

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TransYouth Family Advocates

Jenn Burleton was a keynote SoCo speaker at SCC and I was impressed.

Helen Boyd has the text of her speech on her site: (EN)GENDER.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Transgender singer songwriter Namoli Brenette in Nashville tonight!

Namoli Brenette was at the SingOut Benefit for Nashville's OutCentral (Nashville's first GLBTQIF Cultural Center.) I really enjoyed the show and especially her part. I would not have ever guessed she was "transgendered," if she had not said so. Katie was out for a beer or a cigarette or something, when Namoli told us. When Katie returned, I told her, and she did not believe me.

When I got home I Googled her and found she had been on GenderTalk September 22, 2003 (4 years ago today,) and they played her music again in December 1, 2003.

I purchased 3 of her CDs at the show. They are on my iPod already!

One thing I did notice was that she had the same sad eyes, that I had seen in so many of the trans-men at SCC. I wonder why?

Visit Namoli’s website at and her MySpace page Her website plays an assortment of her music very nicely. Well done!

They played the song Boy in a Dress on Gendertalk and I found these word for the song on her web site. I read them and almost immediately burst into tears. Powerful song, but the CD is no longer available, but I downloaded the song from iTunes. I'll probably get the rest of the songs tomorrow. :)

Boy in a Dress

Boy in a Dress

When I was a little girl
free as a bird
painting my world
I filled it with colors like birthday balloons

When I was seven years old
out on the road
I once was called - a girl
“you can tell by the way that she throws”

When I was only nine
doing just fine
stay in the lines
fill in the dots with the picture you see
but I never saw no picture like me

When I was only thirteen
I looked at me
I could have seen
a girl or a boy in a dress or a girl
boy in a dress or a girl or a boy in a dress

What I call hard
seems so damn easy for everybody else

Fifteen became twenty-one
man, I was gone
but I had some fun
when I was not passed out on somebody’s lawn
Oh no...

Twenty-one turned twenty-five
turned twenty-nine
bided my time
trying to hide from the things I could feel
hide from the things I could feel
I could hide

What I call hard
seems so damn easy for everybody else

When I was just thirty-three
I looked at me
I could have seen
a girl or a boy in a dress, or a girl
boy in a dress or a girl or a boy in a dress
or a girl, or a boy in a dress
or a girl.

Well done girl! You are there, and you rock! I am so proud of you! Say "Hi," to Holly for me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You're invited to join my 2007 SCC group room!

You're invited to join my group room!
Vickie's group room
Southern Comfort 2007

I created a room where we can share photos and projects! We can also write messages to the group, order prints and gifts of each others' photos and more.


 Join Group Room
Want more friends to join? forward this email to them Home | My Photo Center Account | Photo Center Help | Photo Center Cart

If the 'Join Group Room' button above does not work, copy and paste the link below into your browser

Vickie at "Hot or Not" new picture today.

I have a new high score after just a few hours.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

150 Years of GLBT History

I found this at GLBT History Month site.

150 Years of GLBT History


Walt Whitman publishes the first edition of Leaves of Grass


The term "homosexuality" appears in print for the first time in a German pamphlet


Bayard Taylor publishes Joseph and His Friend, the first gay novel


Oscar Wilde is convicted on charges of "gross indecency" and sentenced to two years hard labor


In Germany, Scientific Humanitarian Committee is founded, the world's first organization dedicated to ending legal and social oppression of gays


"Gay" comes into use in reference to homosexuals


Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness, the first lesbian novel, is published in the U.S. 


Nazis disband the Scientific Humanitarian Committee


Nazis send homosexuals to concentration camps, forcing them to wear an identifying pink triangle badge


Alan Turing engages in WWII code-breaking work at Bletchley Park, England


The Mattachine Society, the first American homophile group, is founded in NY


Alan Turing dies by suicide months after being given libido-reducing hormone treatment as a punishment for homosexuality


James Baldwin publishes Giovanni's Room, a gay-themed novel


In the UK, the Wolfenden Report's recommendation of decriminalization of homosexual acts for consenting adults causes public controversy


Barbara Gittings founds the NY chapter of the lesbian organization Daughters of Bilitis


Illinois is the first U.S. state to decriminalize homosexuality


Bayard Rustin coordinates African-American civil rights March on Washington


First gay rights demonstration takes place in New York, protesting discrimination in the military


Annual gay civil rights demonstrations at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, by Barbara Gittings and others


The Metropolitan Community Church founded in Los Angeles


Sylvia Rivera and others participate in the Stonewall Uprising in NYC


First gay pride marches in the U.S. commemorate Stonewall


Frank Kameny becomes the first openly gay candidate for U.S. Congress


American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its list of mental disorders


Barbara Jordan testifies in President Nixon's impeachment hearing


Sgt. Leonard Matlovich sues the Air Force for discharging him. First national gay rights legislation bill introduced in U.S. Congress


Harvey Milk elected to San Francisco Board of Supervisors


Harvey Milk assassinated in San Francisco City Hall


First national gay rights March on Washington attracts more than 100,000


Publication of John Boswell's book Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality


Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) founded by Larry Kramer and others


Martina Navratilova comes out


Fr. Mychal Judge founds St. Francis AIDS Ministry


Representative Barney Frank comes out


Larry Kramer founds ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)


Section 28 is passed in the UK


Ian McKellen and others form Stonewall to campaign for the repeal of Section 28


Denmark becomes the first country to legally recognize same-sex partnerships


Tim Gill and Martina Navratilova oppose Colorado Amendment 2


Elton John AIDS Foundation started


Tim Gill founds the Gill Foundation


Andrew Sullivan publishes Virtually Normal


Representative Jim Kolbe comes out


Ellen DeGeneres outs herself and her sitcom character on primetime tv


Adrienne Rich declines the National Medal of Arts


Gay student Matthew Shepard is killed in Wyoming


Jim Hormel is appointed the first openly gay U.S. ambassador


Phill Wilson founds the Black AIDS Institute


Father Mychal Judge dies at the World Trade Center


Lowell Selvin leads formation of PlanetOut Inc.


Germany enacts domestic partnership legislation, with leadership from Volker Beck


Lupe Valdez elected Sheriff of Dallas County, Texas


Sheryl Swoopes comes out


First gay pride march in Moscow ends in violence, including injury and arrest of Volker Beck




Yahoo IM: vickiecd
Website Director of

If you are not working to integrate your life
you are working to disintegrate it.
        Callan Williams

"Courage is not the absence of fear
but rather the judgment that something else
is more important than fear."
        Ambrose Redmoon
       (by way of Donna Rose's 2006 SCC Speech)


Cleveland Bank Robbery Suspect Caught

This is no ordinary man in a dress story.

Cleveland Bank Robbery Suspect Caught

Surveillance picture from FSG bank robbery in Cleveland.

Surveillance picture from FSG bank robbery in Cleveland.

We have reports that authorities have their "man" from a Cleveland bank robbery.

Officials tell us the suspect was caught asleep behind the wheel of a Lincoln Navigator last week in Lenoir City.

The suspect goes by the name of Destinee Lewis.

But authorities say "she" is really a "he" and that his name is actually Jimmy Lewis who is now charged with the June 28th robbery of the FS and G Bank on Mouse Creek Road in Cleveland.

We're told that Lewis is now behind bars in Cleveland. Officers say their female suspect is actually a male transsexual currently undergoing gender reassignment.

Destinee Lewis aka Jimmy Lewis

Destinee Lewis aka Jimmy Lewis

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