Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I spotted this on Dr. Garramone's Tumblr page. I am not sure how I ended up there, but I did. ;-)
Started crying from watching this video:
Guy has chest surgery with Dr. Garramone. This is his journey:

I cried too!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Voice Thailand 2012, Transgender competitor

Introducing Allyson Robinson

Out-Serve-SLDN is the global association of actively-serving LGBT U.S. military personnel, and Allyson Robinson is it's new leader. Congratulations Allison!!

The Beautiful Daughter: How My Korean Mother Gave Me the Courage to Transition

Here is an amazing post by Andy Mara. Her NPR interview about is just ahead of this post.
Growing up, I remember making a pact with myself. As an adopted child I promised to find my family in Korea, but how exactly that would occur remained a mystery to me. I luckily had the unconditional support of my American family, even if they were stumped by my vague plan.

I later came out as a trans woman in 2003. I was also fortunate enough to receive an outpouring of love, acceptance and support from family and friends.

But there was always one barrier to my life of intersecting identities that I struggled to overcome. I could never find the will to move forward with my transition -- taking hormones or surgery -- despite the opportunity to do so. And my hesitation was largely due to my unknown family living far away in Korea.

Like me, more than 200,000 Korean babies and children have been sent overseas. But less than 3 percent of us are able to find our families. The odds were clearly not in my favor. But what if I did find my family after all these years? And how would they handle meeting a young woman instead of a baby boy who should have grown into manhood? I was left with few ideas

Transgender Woman Finds Acceptance In South Korea

I had read her blog at Huffington Post and was so moved I said so to her at her Facebook page. Now this one so moved me I actually cried.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bradley Manning Had Secrets

Bradley Manning Had Secrets from Animate Projects on Vimeo.

The story of Bradley Manning, not as a Wikileaks 'hacktivist', but as a young American soldier simultaneously going through a crisis-of-conscience and a crisis-of-gender-identity.

Written and Directed by Adam Butcher -

Commissioned by Animate Projects. Supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Visit for more information on the project.

Cool video about Bradley Manning which includes his wish to become a woman.

Nashville Metro Government offices.

TDOR Boy & Girls

We have here a crossdresser, a transman and a transwoman. We are all friends and we all get along. Amazing (said dripping with sarcasm.)

I AM: Trans People Speak - Jennifer Finney Boylan

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I AM: Trans People Speak - Laverne Cox

I love how she is out there, as a visible transwoman. Not many of us are able or willing to do it, but she does it with grace. She is an inspiration to me.

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SAME LOVE - Keep dry eye if you can!!



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