Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let Me Be Me - Sherri Gray

This song was written for my friends in the Trans Community, although its message  -- courageous action one takes when deciding to be truly 'authentic' and live the life he/she 'knows' is the right choice -- can apply to other groups, as well. I continue to write what i call Peaceful Activism songs because i believe in equality for all, living without unnecessary labeling, and being kind to one another. Here are the lyrics to "Let Me Be Me"... Sherri                          LET ME BE ME - BY SHERRI GRAY, 5/7/15 Shadows...Secrets...Silent Sin...and Shame. I've pretended all my life...I'm weary of    the game. All day..all night...i hide my deepest truth: I'm not who you think I am...I've known this   since my youth. Sometimes i wish upon a star for a world that would be kind, where we are loved for    who we are...with open heart, and open mind. There's a child within my spirit...and it prays that i might hear it...   "LET ME FLY...SET ME FREE...LET ME BE ME..."      For from the essence of my soul, to the marrow of my bone,       I've never felt complete or body never felt like home.      Is my essence slowly dying as that child within is crying,       "LET ME FLY...SET ME FREE...LET ME BE ME...' All day...all night...dreaming dreams that never cease.  I wish i could be born again,   and truly live in peace. Sadness, sorrow...hiding scars that will not heal.  I know what the reason is...   I never have been real. I've lived a lifetime underground when i know that i can fly. That's the truth i've finally   found...and i know i have to try. And the child within my spirit knows at last that i can hear it,   "LET ME FLY...SET ME FREE...LET ME BE ME...'      For from the essence of our soul to the marrow of our bone,      Together we're complete and whole...we live together in this home.      Now our journey has begun...we are no longer two....but one...      Just watch us fly...                                 We'll touch the sky....                                                                No longer "we"...                         NOW.     I'M.     JUST.     ME.......


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