Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OTL: Sex Evaluation

Outside the Lines' Julie Foudy examines how complex sex evaluation and defining male and female athletes can be.

Nikki Araguz interview with Ernie Manouse

TTPC Dinner coming up fast!!


I would like to sat we still have tickets to our Banquet this Saturday. 

TTPC is not directly affiliated with the Tvals, but most of members of TTPC are or were Tvals members. TTPC is the only group that lobbies exclusively for the transgender community at the state and federal level. We advocate for change in Tennessee to improve the laws that affect us,  like adding us to the state hate crime law, and allowing changes in our birth certificate and drivers licence. 

If we were not doing it, who would do it for us!!

We do need all your help. You can still get tickets at the our website. Just use the PayPal link or just email me and you can pay at the door. OK??? The dinner is just $20!! (Please put "Banquet Tickets" in the subject line so it won't get lost.

I hope to see you all Saturday!!!!

If you can't make it there Saturday, please donate what you can at the website. We need all your help!!!

Thanks so much and hugs.


Danny's Solo...first upload ever!

Danny came to a few meeting before he moved to Florida. This is his first of a series of YouTube videos about his life and transition. 



Sunday, October 03, 2010

An interview with singer/songwriter Namoli Brennet, who describes past performances in pigtails and a five-o’clock shadow. -genderfork

October 1, 2010

An interview with singer/songwriter Namoli Brennet, who describes past performances in pigtails and a five-o'clock shadow. -genderfork
I love the song played in the video (Boy in a Dress): "When i was just thirty-three / I looked at me / I could have seen / a girl or a boy in a dress / or a girl / or a boy in a dress"
Here's an excerpt from her bio:
"Webster's defines anomaly as a deviation from the common rule, but look a little farther and you'll find another definition: hard to classify. And that might be the best way to describe musician Namoli Brennet. Brennet was born male and transitioned to female, but like many gender-variant types, she simply identifies as 'trans'."

The Conversation: The 'It Gets Better' Project

Columnist Dan Savage Tells ABC's Jeremy Hubbard About Project to Help Gay Youth

When a Rutgers University student killed himself after his sexual encounter with another boy was broadcast online by his college roommate, he joined a growing list of gay suicides in recent months.
Rutgers student Tyler Clementi apparently jumped to his death from a New York City bridge after his privacy was compromised online, and earlier this week, a Houston teen was also driven to commit suicide after enduring anti-gay bullying in school.
Gay kids are four times more likely that straight kids to commit suicide, according to a recent study, and nine out of 10 gay kids report being bullied.
"Hearing about these kids that have committed suicide, the reaction as a gay adult is always, 'God, I wish I could have talked to them for fifteen minutes or five minutes and told them it gets better,'" said gay columnist Dan Savage.
In an effort to counter the despair and isolation that many young gay people feel, Savage has launched a YouTube channel to provide positive examples of gay adults living their lives and sharing that simple message -- it gets better.
"It occurred to me that we can talk to these kids now," Savage said. "We don't have to wait for an invitation or permission to reach out to them using social media and YouTube."
Savage's first video, recorded with his husband Terry, has had over 200,000 views on YouTube.
In the couple's video, Terry talks about enduring severe bullying as a teenager, recalling being beaten up, thrown against lockers and stuffed into bathroom stalls in his school.
"Sometimes in big urban centers and in media centers, we get the impression that things are universally great everywhere," Savage said. While things may be getting better in big cities, he added, "they're getting worse in small towns and rural areas. We've had fifteen years' worth of an aggressive campaign by the religious right to demonize and stigmatize gay people."
Dan Savage spoke to ABC's Jeremy Hubbard for a Conversation about his new project. We hope you'll watch.

Friday, October 01, 2010

San Francisco says "It Gets Better!"

It Gets Better!

"Dan Savage and his husband Terry talk about growing up gay, the assholes in high school, families you grow up in and families you create. Really beautiful stuff, and please, LGBT teens, watch it."

Thanks Helen!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Red Without Blue - Watch the Documentary Film for Free | Watch Free Documentaries Online | SnagFilms

Red Without Blue - Watch the Documentary Film for Free | Watch Free Documentaries Online | SnagFilms

Watch more free documentaries

The Times of Harvey Milk

A little history for those that did not know the details at the time of Harvey's murder.

Watch more free documentaries

Trans-Friendly Police Woman of Memphis

Trans-Friendly Police Woman of Memphis


This may be old news to some, but I caught last week's episode of TLC's Police Women of Memphis in the encore showing last night. In one scene, Officer Joy Jefferson schools a couple of teens who had been harassing a couple of transgender ladies in a neighborhood near Latham and East Trigg.

Officer Joy Jefferson
  • Officer Joy Jefferson

"You deserve to be comfortable and happy and on sit on your porch and rock your fuschia hair," Jefferson tells the transgender women after warning their harassers to stay away.

Jefferson calms transgender harassment victims
  • Jefferson calms transgender harassment victims

Earlier in the scene, she tells the camera person riding along in her squad car, "If you are a good person, you should always be treated with respect."

After the way former Memphis Police officer Bridges McRae handled relations with transgender police brutality victim Duanna Johnson in 2008, I guess I'd formed a negative opinion of the department's ability to deal with diversity. But Jefferson proved that some MPD officers are respectful to transgender people. Way to go, Jefferson!

Watch the scene for yourself on TLC by clicking here. The police call in question is about seven minutes into the video, but you can fast forward if you're in a hurry.

Friday, July 02, 2010

This house is one of my favorites.

I drive past this house nearly every day and I love it's look. It is empty now and looks a little sad.



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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cold Case End - S2E03 - Daniela

Great show which handles a kid meeting and falling in love with a transwoman. I cried my eyes out at the end.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Family Secrets - When Dad Becomes Mom - The Chloe Prince Story - ABC Primetime

I just discovered Chloe Prince's "Family Secrets" show is on YouTube!!

From: TheGreatPrinkOne | March 07, 2010 | 4,884 views
ABC Family Secret's - When Dad Becomes Mom - The Chloe Prince Story Part 1 of 6

Chloe Prince of Canton Ohio, Founder of shares her family's story of life POST surgical male-to-female transition. Chloe is a Post-op Transgender Woman who was also born with a condition called "Klinefelter's Syndrome", also know as XXY. Klinefelter's Syndrome is considered to be a sub category of being Intersexed per the AMA.

ABC's camera's follow Chloe and Family for 1 year recounting the steps from Male to female transition, the effect on her family, work and marriage.

Learn more about Chloe Prince and her family at
... (more info)

It is quite a story! I am not sure I would be so open, but I am glad she did it!! I love the interviews with the kids. :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Nicole "Nicki" Stallard

Nicole "Nicki" Stallard is a unique person, a publically open post-op MTF transexual gun rights activists. Nicki grew up in New York, served in the US Navy from 1978 thru 1985. Nicole has been involved in various Libertarian and Republican political activities since 1989. Nicole took over the San Jose Chapter of the Pink Pistols in 2006 as the coordinator. She has been Northern Ca Pink Pistols spokesperson and has testified for California CCW reform bills. She has represented the Pink Pistols at the SAF GRPC in 2007 and 2008 and is currently building bridges with both gun rights and gay rights organizations.

The Pink Pistols is a LBGT(Lesbain, Bisexual, Gay and Transgendered) rights group that advocates armed self defense to deal with hate crimes. The Pink Pistols views the individual right of armed self defense as a basic human right and looks forward to getting "shall issue" CCW laws in all 50 states.

Nicole Stallard is working to find common ground and build alliances in both the gun and gay community. She is a Ron Paul Republican and views herself as a pragmatic Libertarian Republican.

Armed and Gay at the Right to Bear Arms Rally in Washington, DC.


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