Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
There are now hundreds of articles, neat pictures and videos here, that are mostly trans* related.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Quick ways to turn me off (my bitch meter guide)...

I got this from Dana's ( MySpace Blog. I could not agree more.


You will be ignored and the target of various hexes and curses for any of the following offenses:

  1. send me a message containing any of the following phrases: "ur sexy" "hey babe" "you top or bottom?" "I travel and will be in your area soon" or "why do you have the sign of satan in your email address?"
  2. say that George Bush is a genius, or is honest
  3. ask me to send you naughty pics
  4. send me close-up pics of your penis
  5. ask me where I live -please read my freakin profile and then look at a goddamn map!
  6. say you like any of the following shows for any reason other than as fodder for ridicule and scorn: "Fox News" "American Idol" "Wife Swap" "JAG" "Saturday Night Live" (at least ones since Eddie Murphy left) or "Seventh Heaven"

Got it punks? Carry on...


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