Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pronouns are so hard on us all!

I posted this in Tabitha's blog:

Years ago, I heard about a transsexual where I work. She worked way on the other side of the plant, so I never ran into her, besides I am not out at work. She was transitioning at work and her name had been changed in the plant seniority list. I would watch her name to see if she happened to be working in an area near me.

One day I saw the she had gone back to Dean when it had been Deana. I was quite surprised. Also I saw that she (there I mixed the pronoun by accident) was working in the same area that I was. So I was determined to find her and introduce my self. I some how spotted her one day and went up to him with a picture of myself en femme cupped in my hand. I asked, "are you Dean?" He said yes, so I said "this is a picture of my alter ego." and showed him my picture. He in return gave me the biggest smile I had seen in a while. I gave him the picture which had my email address. I gave him a "T-Girl" hug right there in the isle. Later I wondered how many people saw that hug. I work as a guy so hugging in the isle could be considered quite inappropriate. I really did not care. I had finely met this T-Girl. We are now great friends and we go out for beers and an appetizer on Fridays.

Long story short, when I talk about Dean, who I thought of as Deana for years, but I have only seen as Dean, I still mix up the pronouns. We use the pronouns that we first used it seems. I do correct my mistakes quickly though. So go easy on your friends, if they are trying. You have my permission to give them "hell" if they are not.
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