Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Rev. Erin Swenson on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Rev. Erin Swenson is a transgender Presbyterian pastor.

Good job Rev. Swenson!

I found her story here! It made me cry.

It starts with:

The Rev. Erin Swenson's heart thumped wildly. She was so close to panic that her fingertips tingled. The crowd inside Shallowford Presbyterian Church in Atlanta stared at her in disbelief. Swenson, an ordained minister and father of two daughters, had just walked to the front of the church in a green dress, heels and an eggshell-white blouse. She was going to speak publicly for the first time about a 42-year-old secret that had driven her at times to thoughts of suicide.

Swenson told the hushed crowd that she was a woman born in a man's body. Now that she had taken steps to correct that, she made an unprecedented request before the assembly of Presbyterian church leaders: Allow her to retain her ordination as a minister, even though she had switched genders.
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