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Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The nerve of gay folks!

Daily News (Bowling Green, KY)

The nerve of gay folks 
Now, they are demanding the same rights of heterosexuals – the right to fail in marriage 

   JIM GAINES, The Daily News,
Published: February 15, 2009

My fellow defenders of traditional American values, for years we have seen the slow disintegration of our standards, ground down by an “anything goes” society. Many of us have sat by and watched it happen, figuring that we could do little to stop it. But now I, for one, can remain silent no longer. It’s time to stand up to the wreckers of our moral codes.

A new assault has been raised upon one of our most cherished traditions. If this bastion falls, we could be facing the final collapse of American society.

During the past few years, thousands of gay couples have married or formed legally equivalent civil unions in places like Massachusetts, Vermont and California. But many of those newlyweds didn’t stay put; they fanned out to other states. Now, even as rallies to promote gay marriage are scheduled elsewhere, those legally committed couples are taking advantage of the continuing furor over marriage itself to stage an insidious attack on another fundamental institution.

They must be exposed and stopped, else our nation may lapse at last into chaos, as the televangelists have been predicting every two weeks for decades.

Hillary and Julie Goodridge were the lesbian couple behind the landmark case that persuaded the Massachusetts Supreme Court to declare gay marriage legal there in 2003. Now they are claiming, in a travesty of a straight break-up, that their relationships just “didn’t work out.” They’re filing for divorce.

My friends, this cannot be borne. Who do they think they are, wanting to end their relationships like other people?

We must stand up and say no! Join me in the fight to preserve the sanctity of heterosexual divorce.

We must never allow that solemn ritual, the deep and lasting feeling engendered by divorce, to be rendered meaningless by diluting it among gay couples.

There’s also the burden on others’ consciences to consider. Will divorce lawyers be forced to take fees against their will? We cannot allow jackbooted court bailiffs to force attorneys to hold out their hands for cash and checks from gay former couples. No lawyer should be made to violate his or her personal moral code by accepting money.

Sorry, Hillary and Julie, you’re stuck as you are. You should have thought of this before you entered so lightly into the multi-year legal fight to get your marriage accepted. For thousands of years, millions of mixed-sex couples have been trapped in loveless, abusive or enforced marriages – what makes you so special?

Of course, homosexual activists will argue that they’re not seeking a special right to divorce. They’re only asking for what straight couples have had for years.

I say that’s hogwash. Gays already have equal rights – they’re free to divorce people of the opposite sex, just like everyone else.

Yet now they claim to have the same disagreements over money, careers and child-raising that straight couples have. Nonsense, I say; don’t fall for that. Courts and state legislatures should decide that same-sex divorces are invalid.

My call has been anticipated. States as diverse as Texas and Rhode Island are courageously standing up to ban gay divorce. But not all are so sensible; it shouldn’t be surprising that Iowa, a notorious sink of iniquity, has allowed a gay marriage to dissolve. New Jersey is on that path, too.

I propose a federal Defense of Divorce Act to preempt this terrible dilemma. That would be only the first step, a public call to arms. The Defense of Divorce Act would be the precursor to a permanent and comprehensive solution, which will re-establish divorce as it has always been.

We must organize to promote a Constitutional amendment defining divorce as between one man, one woman, two or more lawyers, a judge, at least one mother-in-law, a pack of shiftless friends, a nosy neighbor and as many other people and possessions as they can drag into it.

Should we fail, the consequences will be dire. Our slide down the slippery slope will accelerate. Next thing you know, perverts will start wanting to divorce their siblings, children and pets.

Dare I look further? Unless this mockery of traditional divorce is stopped before it starts, I predict we’ll soon find another time-honored institution targeted by the homosexual agenda. Before you know it, they’ll demand an equal share of adultery, too.

It would be a tragedy indeed if extramarital affairs are rendered meaningless by letting gay couples cheat on their spouses. Not the least factor to consider is the long historic tradition of adultery. Think how much of European royal history – just to choose a commonplace example – would be affected. Homosexuals weren’t content with King Richard the Lionhearted and Frederick the Great; now they’re going after Henry VIII, and mark my words, they won’t be satisfied until they can claim a share of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine as well.

It all comes down to defending our values. Adultery is a special thing between a man and a woman, not to be shared indiscriminately.

If we let married homosexuals join heterosexuals in mutual infidelity, the result will be to ruin it for everyone. What value will cheating on a spouse have if you know that everyone’s doing it?

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