Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Charlotte Goiar (1972 - ) HBS activist.

Zagria made a post in her Gender Variant Biography blog. 

Charlotte want me to take down my page, and I told Zagria in a comment they will be asking her to take down these pages.

05 MARCH 2009

Charlotte Goiar (1972 - ) HBS activist.

Charlotte is a Barcelona resident and a licensed Human Rights Investigator. She is the person who developed theconcept of Síndrome de Harry Benjamin, and in 2005 founded the first HBS organization.

She maintains that HBS is an intersex condition developed in the early stages of foetal development, and that an HBS woman is not a transsexual. She is further contentious in that she and her movement has become known for its disparaging of other transgendered persons, even post-ops, and GLBT persons in general.

She dislikes the Press-For-Change leadership, in that the UK Gender Recognition Actallows for non-ops and other transsexuals whom Charlotte would not regard as HBS, and has a similar opinion of Carla Antonelli who worked for the similar Gender Identity Law in Spain.

Lynn ConwayAndrea JamesCalperina Addams and Marci Bowers are also disparaged on her forum in that they not anti-transgender. Charlotte has approved of the situation for transsexuals in Iran. She regards the term ‘transsexuality’ as pejorative in that she takes it to imply a choice.

Some HBS activists have since split with her.

Charlotte sometimes uses the name Charlotte T. Guren, and wrote to Laura Amato that Guren was the name to be used, but SHB-Info.Org still calls her Goiar, and she had a Myspace page as Goiar until early 2009.

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