Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SCC and WPATH 2011

Here is short report on my trip to SCC last week.

I arrived at the SCC hotel Sunday. I like to get there early. The relaxed pace of things is really wonderful.

On Monday I was in the hotel bar and I made sure the TV was on DWTS channel so we all could watch Chaz dance. 

On Tuesday we did the "Envelope Stuffing Party" where we prepare the registration packet and then when we are done we eat pizza and drink Cokes. It is always a fun evening. 

Probably the highlight of my week, other then going to dinner with all the Tennessee folks we could find, was meeting a mother Logan. She is the mother of a young transgirl who has already transitioned at a very young age and will not suffer under a purbity she does not want.

I found Logan on Facebook after watching the documentary "Sex, Lies, And Gender." I have been able to follow her and her family and I am so glad I could.


I knew she was at SCC and we finely met in Dr. Milton Diamond's seminar. Dr. Diamond is the one that exposed John Money's lies in the "John/Joan" case. 


Having the WPATH sure gave us some great seminars.

In another WPATH seminar I found it interesting in a discussion on "gate keepers" that they don't see themselves as gatekeepers and still don't understand why folks would ever present to their pshrink in an ultra fem look. From what I had read in the early days and some places today, when a MTF saw their gender counselor they thought they should present in a certain way or be denied surgery. How can they not understand all this???!!!

Dr. Lin Fraser EdD

Here are some simi random pictures I took.


On Sunday, they had a bus to take us to the WPATH's location at Emory University. It was a joint day with WPATH, GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association). SCC played a very big part that day. There was a great panel of trans people. 


The made a big deal about the new Standard of Care, and the committee all came forward and we all toasted it and them with champagne. 


If I had known that the WPATH was as good as it was, I would have stayed the whole week. Sandra Stewart was staying to get them to focus on crossdressing more then they do now.

I posted some of these and others at Facebook.



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