Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Another fun chat with a woman!

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

** Initiating request **
** Becky accepted your chat request **

Vickie: lets try this again
Vickie: I guess I was typing too slowly
Becky: LOL..I thought you were with someone else!
Vickie: I am Vickie, 61, 3 children all grown and gown
Vickie: LOL
Vickie: no I was typing to you
Becky: nice...are interested in a erotic chat with a woman?
Vickie: wow a PhD cool
Vickie: sounds like fun
Vickie: I guess you are a little on the wild side.
Becky: PhD is a lot of work!1 But I love research...and teaching
Vickie: I bet it is. my father did silicone reserch for Dow Corning.
Becky: WOW!! I do research in medical field
Vickie: but some how I did not work hard enough I guss
Vickie: that has to be intresting
Becky: never think of what could have been!! Do you enjoy the comapny of women ?? ever been with a women?
Vickie: of course I love women
Vickie: LOL
Vickie: how about you?
Becky: MMM I wasn't sure... I have an "occassional" girlfriend
Becky: who is 58... she is soooooo sexy...
Vickie: I see, just testing out the waters?
Becky: I love to be around women... But I have to be VERY discreet....
Vickie: I can understand that, I am too.
Becky: I teach at a midwestern university... and do a lot of national travel
Becky: for federal grant I'm pretty well known...
Becky: so am here letting my hair down once in a while
Vickie: but not as a lesbian, I take it
Becky: I probably am..I do "date" men occassionally..but we just chat and have dinner...
Vickie: you never get to let your hair down while traveling?
Vickie: that can be fun too.
Becky: rarely..I'm usually "in and out" in 24 hours...But have met soe wonderful people... and some very nice women...
Vickie: but the men seem to think we owe them something.
Becky: I have never had sex with a woman your age... I would just adore trying it...!!! *wink*
Vickie: that might be a bit fast to get much going
Vickie: I would love it too. I do not feel nearly as old as 61.
Vickie: maybe because most of the people at work are younger,
Becky: MMMMM that isgood... I love kissing... just gentle at first...
Becky: then feeling your tongue on mine!!...MMMMM
Vickie: that sounds like the way I like to kiss.
Becky: as I gently lay my hand over your breast
Vickie: mmmmmmmmm
Becky: and feel you as we kiss
Becky: th egentl emoan emmitted from your mouth...mmmm
Becky: the gentle moan
Vickie: feeling the skin on skin is the only way to go.
Becky: God yes.... and then tongue and lips on skin.....
Becky: and unbutton your blouse....
Vickie: yes, I love to suck your nipples, until they are hard.
Vickie: I would love you to undue my cloths
Becky: MMM and I lean over you and suck your breast into my mouth...feeling the nipple on the back of my throat..MMMM
Vickie: I would love that, it has been so long
Becky: MMMM yes..... as I suck your breast and feel the nipple on the back of my throat...
Becky: I unzip your skirt... as I feel your ass...
Becky: gently rubbing it
Vickie: oh my god!!
Becky: and slip it down and off your ankles... see your nylons and garters...
Vickie: I can hardly wait to feel where your hands will be next..
Becky: and then licking the garters... love the feel of them in my mouth
Vickie: I am loving this sooo much
Becky: as I smell your wonderful scent....
Vickie: where will you touch me next
Becky: and kiss your panties... and nuzzle your pussy through them
Vickie: and I love your scent too.
Becky: I stand up...wanting you to take my clothes off...
Vickie: my legs are spreading for you now.
Vickie: they must be excited
Vickie: they love what you are doing
Vickie: soon I will be going down to your panties too.
Vickie: but they will not stay on for long
Becky: MMMM you can lick them... and suck on them too!!
Vickie: of course I will. and lick you all around
Vickie: and gently touch you between your legs
Becky: yes... I lick the gusset of your panties..them slowly pull them down... mmmm you have a beautiful pussy honey
Vickie: very gently at least at first
Becky: do I ffel good to you..between my legs?
Vickie: oh yes, so soft and smooth.
Becky: MMMMM
Vickie: and so reseptive to my fingers
Becky: Oh god baby....
Becky: I am going to have to go
Becky: my email is.....
Vickie: I can feel you moving to move my hand to where it feels the best
Becky: please write me..I wil answer...then we can carry on all we want
Vickie: I got that address
Becky: will you write me??
Becky: Then I can send you some pictures...
Vickie: I copied it into a email and I will send it when I can. thanks
Becky: your lovely.....xoxoxoxo
Vickie: it will be from
Becky: are so hot Vickie!! I can hardly wait....
Vickie: I had to reverse my name there, some one already had it forward.
Becky: I understand...
Becky: I have a need some rest
Vickie: You seem very hot yourself, Hun! wow
Vickie: it is late for us working girls.
Becky: MM wait!! you will be sooo wet...I enjoy chatting with you taste wonderful *wink*
Vickie: I was just heading to bed when I saw your chat request.
Becky: glad you saw it!! Now we can become "close" and have all kinds of fun!! Yummy
Vickie: I am sure we can have a wonderful time togather. yes I am looking forward to lots of fun!!
Becky: MMMnight ....xoxoxox

Chat session ended: Becky has ended the chat session

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