Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Re: Don't let Joe Solmonese get away with lying

Should the head of HRC get away with lying to the Transgender Community!

The answer is no!

Fix this Joe!


On Jan 16, 2008 11:36 AM, Joe Solmonese, Human Rights Campaign <> wrote:
2008: The Year to Win
Joe Solmonese said he would not only support an inclusive ENDA bill, but would also oppose any attempt at submitting a non-inclusive bill.

Tell Joe Solmonese to keep his word.

Dear Joe,

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which claims to be the largest US LGBT civil rights organisation, has not signed onto an endorsement of the statement signed by the members of United ENDA, opposing the split of the proposed bill into separate legislation – one for sexual orientation and one for gender identity.

"We are very disappointed and angry that any civil rights organisation claiming to advocate for our rights can turn their backs on us when the going gets tough," said Ethan St.Pierre, Board Chair of NTAC. "It amounts to a betrayal, since HRC earlier promised to support only an inclusive ENDA."

At the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in mid-September, HRC Exec. Director, Joe Solmonese made a promise as keynote speaker that HRC would not only support an inclusive ENDA bill, but would also oppose any attempt at submitting a non-inclusive bill. While at SCC, HRC culled many new memberships and donations from the Transgender community. "After removing gender identity from a bill that would have protected millions of Transgender Americans from discrimination in employment, the message being sent to the entire Congress and to corporate America is that it is acceptable to discriminate against Transgender, intersex, and other gender variant Americans," NTAC Chair, St. Pierre added.

As a result of HRC's rescission of their promise three weeks earlier, the only Transgender ever seated on their Board of Directors, Donna Rose, resigned October 2, 2007 in disappointment. Additional resignations from the Transgender community are continuing to come in, including Robbi Cohn resigning from HRC's steering committee for the Carolinas.

In Rose's resignation, she stated, "The relationship between HRC and the Transgender community is one scarred by betrayal, distrust, and anger. I have become a focal point for much of that frustration," she noted, adding she "accepted that responsibility with the hope that I could help to change [HRC]."

"I call on other like-minded board members, steering committee leaders, donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers to think long and hard about whether this organisation still stands for your values and to take decisive action."


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