Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blog coomment: Injectable Hormones

I sent this to Donna Rose a few minutes ago. I had read in her blog that she paid $180 for her EV and I knew where one could get it for less.

Thanks Keegan for reminding me about her blog.


I almost went down to the hotel in Nashville, to look for you and Marisa last night.

I wanted to crash the dinner or at least hang out in the lobby and watch for you two, but the person I was with, said she was not a groupie. I guess maybe I am for you and Marisa. (there is a copy of her speech at her PAC.)

Anyway, one can legally order EV from at least 2 places in the US, for far less then $180.

"Your EV will come in standard rubber topped vials if you get a prescription and order it from a compounding pharmacy. Women's International ( ) and Kronos Pharmacy ( are two that many women in the U.S. use." From an email I received from the Crone Yahoo Group.

I know at least one person that gets her EV from The Woman's International, I believe, and that bottle costs her around $35. My doctor is reluctant to give me that prescription, but he gives it to that gal I was referring to, so I guess I need to be more insistent.

I met you at the last SCC after one of your seminars. I was the older gal who said that I arrived late to your seminar in 2005 just in time to see everyone lining up and hugging you, but I did not know why. But I sure could see that they all loved you. In the next year, I read your book. Then went to your 2006 seminar. I knew, then, why everyone lined up for that hug, because I was in that line for that hug. It made my day!

Here is a picture dragged from my blog. One with my wig and another with out. I have been talked out of using that wig, but I love the fullness of it. LOL

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