Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

American Legion Fish Fry and Dance - Updated

[Edit note: I just added this picture and gave the post today's date.]

Linda and I went to the American Legion for dinner, May 13th It was fish fry night, and they had a guy with a guitar, who sang country songs, while people danced. Linda was hoping to be able to dance a bit there that night. After being there a while, I wondered what the regulars thought, when us two strange women came in that day. Both of us were in dresses.

There was one old guy there, named Bill, with a interesting spring in his step for man in his late 60's of 70's, and a horny disposition. He was sitting at another table, with some folks that knew Linda and I were trans, or at least he knew Linda was trans and I was obviously with her. Bill danced with both of us several times. Later some thin cowboy type guy asked me to dance.

The folks at the other table, that knew we were trans, was the Harold and wife, the folks that bought Linda's business some years ago. We had gown to see Harold earlier today, about a cardboard box for me, and to collect a payment on the business purchase, for Linda.

I wondered if either Herold, or his wife, told Bill about our TS status after we left. Probably not because, Linda did not collect a payment, and they did not want to be in any more trouble with of Linda, then he was. I will probably never know if they spoiled Bill's day.

After dancing with both of them, I got pretty nervous. I did not to be discovered to be "fooling" these old guys. Not that I probably couldn't have taken either of my two dance partners in a fair fight, but there were way more of them, then us, at the American Legion that night.

I am pretty confident that neither of them had a clue. Transgender woman at the American Legion is not in their radar.

We left the and went to the "Cash Inn Country," lesbian country dance bar, that is a favorite of Linda's. There we saw one of the worst drag shows, that we had ever seen. The "girls" showed way too much beard, few dancing abilities, and strange taste in cloths. I have lots of pictures to prove it too.

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