Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!

Transgender Warning: Transgender stuff to follow!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Understanding Transgender Issues: Donna Rose's Story

I just found this link on Donna Rose's blog about HRC's and Donna's "Understanding Transgender Issues: Donna Rose's Story." I had heard that it was available for companies, but now I see we can see it too.

There is something about Donna that I just love. I am so glad I can see her video.

I have told this story several times, but here it goes again.

At my first SCC in 2005, I went to Donna's seminar titled "Yin & Yang: Finding Balance in Your T-Ness." I got there late because it was on Saturday morning and I had been up late the night before and I never do mornings well anyway. I stood in the back and listened to Donna summing up her presentation and answering questions. She was sitting in a chair and seemed so relaxed and confident. After the session was over, most of the folks lined up to say something, ask a question of her, and of course get a big hug. I really did not understand, but it was just totally obvious that they all loved her.

By the time the next SCC came around I had read her book " Wrapped in Blue: A Journey of Discovery " and knew her story and was impressed by it. I sat right down front, where I could make eye contact and just feel her presence. After it was over, I of course got in that line for a hug!. Now I could feel why they all lined up. After I told her this story, she gave me my hug and she said "You rock!" Now I know she said that to several of us, but it felt like it was just for me.

I know it is just the hormones but I still tear up whenever I think about Donna Rose. I will go to that seminar again this year. It is Saturday, September 23 at 3:35pm - 5:00pm in the Marietta room.



Understanding Transgender Issues: Donna Rose's Story


The term transgender refers to a broad range of people who experience and/or express their gender in different, sometimes non-traditional, ways. Transgender people often face challenges in coming out and living openly, particularly in the workplace.

Many people have questions about transgender issues. This training video for corporate leaders presents the compelling personal story of Donna Rose, a well-known author, speaker and advocate on transgender and transsexual issues. Rose is an active member of the Human Rights Campaign's Board of Directors and Business Council. Her website, , is also a well-known source of information and support for and about the transgender community.

Watch the video online:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning / David
  3. Coming Out As Transgender
  4. Transitioning and the "Real-life" Experience
  5. Gender Reassignment
  6. Questions & Answers
  7. Additional Resources
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